Your pet bunny deserves a great rabbit cage

Rabbit Cage

The rabbit cage comes in a wide variety of different styles.

If you have a pet rabbit, it’s obviously in your best interest to learn more about the rabbit cage or hutch, and how to find the best one out there for your precious little pet. Rabbits make an excellent pet to keep in cages and they can be let loose occasionally to run freely in the home.

Most rabbits can easily be litter trained so it just takes a little rabbit-proofing of the home before you can start letting your pet rabbit and out of his or her cage. No matter how frequently you’ll let yours roam freely, it’s still crucial to have an indoor rabbit cage so you can place your pet inside one. Your rabbit will appreciate having her own space as her safe haven, and a place to retreat to after a hectic day of exploring other nooks and crannies in the home.

There are many cheap rabbit cages and hutches available for sale, in addition to higher end ones that provide great protection and space for rabbits. Unfortunately, most of the cages out there are smaller ones, and aren’t too comfortable for your little bunny.

Bunnies need adequate space to move about, even if they are only using the hutch as a resting place. They’ll probably spend their nights in cages so you’ll want to make yours as comfortable as possible by following some simple basic tips when it comes to finding the best rabbit cage.

Tip #1: Size

The bigger the cage is, the better off and happier your pet will be. Rabbits love to hop around and move, so a large rabbit cage will definitely mean a happier rabbit. If the bunny spends her time in the cage for many hours at a time, be sure to get an enclosure that’s at least four times bigger than her size. If you can afford it, two story condo style rabbit cages that are joined together by a ramp offer a great, fun means of shelter. Rabbits seem to love this feature and they can move about freely inside these double decker rabbit cages.

Tip #2: Cage Doors

Find a rabbit’s cage that can fit a large rabbit through comfortably without the need for any squeezing. It should give easy access to litter box removal too. Find a cage with a side door; it makes it easier for your precious pet to hop in herself whenever she wants some privacy and security. Be sure that the cage doors have smooth edges and there is nothing jagged or sharp that your rabbit can sustain injuries from.

Tip #3: Floor

Pet rabbits are not meant to be kept on wired floors or on uneven platforms. If you need to keep her in a wired floor rabbit cage, be sure to place a comfy mat for her to lie upon or some grass or mats. This provides traction and serves as a comfortable base for your pet to lie on when she is reclining inside. You can even place bits of old carpet in her cage or mattresses, but make sure that your rabbit doesn’t chew on those.

Tip #4: Litter Box

Choose a cage that comes with a proper litter box. Some rabbit cages have litter boxes attached to the bottom that you can simply slide out and clean. These types of cages often come with wired floors, so make sure to accommodate both her needs for comfort and a solid ground for reclining.

Tip #5: Custom Rabbit Cages

If you can’t find a rabbit cage that suits your needs, consider building one yourself. There are materials you can purchase from hardware stores that will allow you to build your own rabbit cage, making for an excellent shelter that gives your pet everything he or she needs.