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Cheap Hamster Cages

Cheap hamster cages can be found for a low cost online, with many discount pet and animal home models for indoor or outdoor use.

Most kids growing up like to have a pet to look after and there are a variety of options from which to choose. One of the more popular smaller pets is a hamster and these cute animals can be an ideal first pet for younger kids. They are fairly easy to look after and are easy to keep in a kid’s room. One of the essentials needed for a hamster is the cage and there are various options for this. It need not be an expensive purchase however and there are many good quality cheap hamster cages available.

Cheap hamster cages are available in a variety of styles. The most common and affordable type comprises a plastic tray bottom, which is suitable for filling with sawdust, and a wire cage. These come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest basic square cages staring at around the $20 to $30 mark and these generally come supplied with a food bowl, water bottle and exercise wheel as standard. An example of this is the Marchioro 1 Storey Wire Cage which costs around $27 to purchase. Included with the cage is a hamster house, exercise wheel and feeder cup making it a simple starter cage.

It is also possible to get a plastic hamster cage and these typically still retain a separate plastic tray bottom, although the cage above this is made from clear plastic to make it easy to view the hamster. The plastic is pre-drilled with plenty of air holes and these are also typically supplied with a few standard pieces of feeding and exercise equipment. The cost for a smaller plastic hamster cage can start around the $20 to $30 mark. The Pink Princess hamster Cage is an example of this and features a deep plastic tray which simulates an underground environment and a clear plastic cage with exercise wheel, feeding area and water bottle. This cage costs around $23 to purchase.

Cheap hamster cages can also be found in larger sizes and if you want something that is a little more interesting for your pet and has a few more areas for them to explore these can be a good idea. These can typically have different areas with plastic tunnels attaching them or can be taller and have different levels for the hamster to use. Although larger they are typically not overly expensive and many can be purchased for less than $50. The Biddie Buddies 3 Levels of Fun Cage, for example, costs around $49 to purchase. This is made up of 3 separate levels and has climbing tubes, two exercise wheels and a nesting house included in the price.

Cheap hamster cages are available for sale from many outlets. A local neighborhood pet store is a typical place to look although they can also be found in the likes of Walmart and Target. There are also a number of internet pet stores which stock them and these include PetSmart, PetCo and Pet Store USA. Some of the well known brand name hamster cages which are sold include Super Pet and Marchioro.

A hamster can be an ideal first pet for a younger child. They are affordable to buy and easy to look after. Providing the right equipment to make them comfortable is important and good quality cheap hamster cages are ideal for this. They are widely available and will provide your pet with a good environment in which to live.