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Large Bird Cages

Whether you have a parrot or any other large bird, there are plenty of decorative cages in stainless steel and more for indoor and outdoor use.

If you decide to have a pet in your home there are various options available and one of the easier to look after is a bird. There are a number of bird types that are suitable as pets and this ranges from smaller brightly colored varieties such as budgerigars to larger talking species such as parrots. Whichever bird you choose, one of the basics you will need to consider for your pet is a cage. There are various models available although using large bird cages is a good option to consider.

When looking for a bird cage for your pet there are a few things to consider. Generally it is better to have a square or a rectangular shape as opposed to a round cage. The corners of a square cage are said to give a bird better reference points in its home environment. Round cages tend to encourage the bird flying in circles which can be an annoyance and make it less happy. While wooden and plastic cages are available, birds spend much time chewing on their cages and these can easily be damaged. Metal cages such as wrought iron or stainless steel can be more durable and are less prone to damage. These can therefore be a better choice.

In terms of size, large bird cages are considered the best options. Most birds will have a minimum size in which they can be comfortably housed. This typically needs to be of a size that can easily accommodate their wing span. However, although a minimum size may be comfortable, it is generally considered that the larger the bird cage the better it is for your pet.

Large bird cages can provide a number of advantages for a pet bird. In a smaller cage a bird is more likely to rake its wings against the bars of the cage and this can result in ragged feathers which is not good for the bird. A large cage gives the bird more room to comfortably stretch out its wings and also move around. Like any other pet a bird needs exercise and a larger cage allows it to move around more and fly a little which is good for its overall health. While a smaller cage is an option if the bird is allowed out to fly around for a time, if it spends much of its time in the cage a larger model is a better choice.

Large bird cages can be found for sale at a number of outlets. There are a few internet pet shops which have bird equipment for sale and these can be a good place to look. Some to consider include Doctors Foster & Smith, Bird Cages 4 Less and Americas Pet Store. If you prefer shopping locally then a neighborhood pet store is an obvious location to check out and stores such as Walmart and Target also stock bird cages for sale.

In terms of cost it will be the actual size and material that determines the price of large bird cages. At the more affordable end of the scale it is possible to find larger sized bird cages at around the $100 mark although for higher quality cages, which are typically made of stainless steel, the price can rise to around $1,000.

If you have a bird as a pet then you need to buy equipment for it that will make it comfortable. Large bird cages are the best option for this as they provide the bird with enough space to move around and stay in good shape. The actual size of the cage will generally be dependent on the size of the bird, although the general rule is the bigger the cage the better.