Your pet bunny deserves a great rabbit cage

Outdoor Rabbit Cage

The outdoor rabbit cage and hutch come in many forms for your pet bunny.

An outdoor rabbit cage poses different challenges from ones meant for indoor use. You’ll need to have a solid understanding of a number of different factors if you plan to keep your rabbit outside.

When a rabbit stays outside, there are a number of potential threats that can effect your pet’s lifestyle. Most notable is the changes in weather. Whether it’s rain, extreme heat, or frigidly cold weather, all of these things can have an impact on your rabbit. There may also be wild animals outside that pose a threat to your bunny’s well being. Rabbits are extremely vulnerable creatures when kept locked in cages, and they have virtually no defense mechanisms against predators like as snakes and other wildlife.

With a little help, you’ll be well on your way to providing the safest outdoor shelter possible for your pet. It’s all about knowing what to look for, and how to best deal with it.


Make sure your rabbit has plenty or space to move around now that she is outdoors. If you have more than one rabbit, you need an outdoor rabbit cage for two to accommodate the pair, or more if you have more of them. As a general rule of thumb, try to find a cage that is at least four times bigger than the size of your fully grown rabbit(s). You don’t want to keep on buying or building new outdoor bunny cages as she continues to grow.

Poisonous Elements

You need to be mindful of any potential poisonous things in your yard. Whether it’s a plant with poisonous traits or something that’s been sprayed with pesticide, any of these could be potentially harmful to your rabbit. Steer clear of any areas with any substances that come into question.


There are a number of potential predators that might pose grave threats to your pet bunny. Whether it’s a dog, cat, raccoon, or even some form of bird, any one of these creatures could easily prey on your rabbit if your cage isn’t fully shut with all enclosures sealed. Even snakes can slide through the cracks if your outdoor rabbit cage isn’t properly protected. Be mindful of this potential threat if you plan to use an outside rabbit cage.


If it rains, can the outdoor rabbit hutch you intend to purchase protect your rabbits form getting soaked and wet? Will it keep her dry and safe during storms? Does it provide enough protection against the scorching sun during hot summer months? Does it protect her from the coldness of the winter nights? All of these things must be taken into consideration, and you might be best off keeping your rabbit indoors if you’re uncertain as to whether your cage can protect your bunny during these situations.


Rabbits are mammals that love companionship as much as humans do. If you intend to keep more than one rabbit inside a single cage, though, make sure that they get along well. Take some time to let the bonding process work its magic and be prepared for it not to work out as you had hoped. In the event that it doesn’t, you may need to get a second outdoor rabbit cage for one of your pets.