Your pet bunny deserves a great rabbit cage

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

An outdoor rabbit hutch is a great form of bunny home for your pet, with wooden hutches allowing your rabbit to safely exercise and run.

An outdoor rabbit hutch can be the perfect middle ground to owning a great pet, without having to keep them indoors and away from their natural habitat year round.  With one, your bunny will be able to play around outside in their natural environment, which will mean a more fulfilling and enjoyable life for your pet.  Plus you can find fantastic high quality outdoor rabbit hutch designs that allow your pet to live in complete comfort, as well as safety.  All you have to do is find the perfect home for your pet, that’s guaranteed to keep them happy for a lifetime.

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor rabbit hutch, the first concern you should have, should be security.  You want a strong hutch, so that your pet is perfectly protected from predators. The problem with a hutch is that your rabbit is fairly exposed to dogs, wolves, foxes, etc, so you need to ensure it’s strong enough to protect your bunny.  For that reason, you want to find an outdoor rabbit hutch that features extremely sturdy construction, with more of an emphasis on keeping predators out, opposed to keeping your rabbit inside.  That way you can ensure your pet is safe throughout the night.

Another important thing to consider, is buying an outdoor rabbit hutch that will make cleaning as easy as possible.  This can be important, so that you can ensure that you’re able to clean your rabbit’s cage as effortlessly as possible, so that they can enjoy a tidy environment.  For that reason, you may want to consider cages that feature pull out waste trays.  This way, most of the bunny waste falls right through the floor, so that you can simply pull out the tray for easy cleaning.  This way clean up isn’t a hassle, and you’ll be more inspired to clean the cage as often as possible.

You will also want to think about how much space your outdoor rabbit hutch offers.  You want to be sure that your bunnies have enough room to play, as well as scamper around, so that they can run and get their exercise.  For that reason, you want a cage with a fair amount of space, and you  may even want to consider one with a large outside body, so that they have room to really be free.  This way they can even enjoy the feel of the grass, so that the environment feels a little closer to home.  Plus, you can still shut them into the completely enclosed part of the hutch at nighttime, so that they are perfectly protected from predators.

You can buy a great outdoor rabbit hutch from most pet stores, depending upon what’s available in your area.  Whether you have a Petco or a Pet Smart locally, you should be able to find a few great hutches.  Otherwise you can also shop online through websites like  That way you can ensure you find the perfect outdoor rabbit hutch for your pet, so that they can really enjoy their new home as much as possible.