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Pet Grooming Schools

Pet grooming schools consists of many courses and training classes for animals, including the dog, cat, and many more.

While many people will groom their pets themselves, there are others that will use a professional pet grooming service. There are many of these available and for those that decide to provide this kind of service it is important to learn the proper requirements and procedures for caring for an animal. Pet grooming schools are available for this and these are good places to learn the basics and more of pet grooming.

The pet service industry is a growing business and many pet owners these days look to professional grooming salons to help with the care of their pet. This means there is an opportunity for those that want to provide these types of services and the best way to learn the business is to use pet grooming schools. There are a number of these available and they can teach pet grooming techniques in a number of ways.

If you are looking to study pet grooming at your own pace and convenience then correspondence pet grooming schools can be a good option to choose. These provide distance learning opportunities where a course will be sent to you which you can complete in your own time. They generally have toll free numbers and email contacts such that when you need assistance it is available. The Basics and Beyond Groomers Career Training Course is an example of this and costs $325 to complete. This cost includes instructional DVD’s and books to take you through the course.

If you prefer more hands on training there are a number of schools and academies for pet grooming that can be provide this. These have courses where you have to attend classes to learn the techniques of pet grooming. Depending on the time you have available many of these will offer day classes, evening classes and weekend classes. You can therefore attend at a time that suits and on the successful completion of the course you will have a certificate from a licensed institution. The cost for attending a pet academy is generally around a minimum of $3,000 although this can increase depending on the length of the course and the material taught.

There are many techniques taught at pet grooming schools with some of these including animal handling and control, animal anatomy, grooming and styling techniques, equipment care and animal first aid. You typically also get the chance to attend professional grooming shops on field trips to see the techniques in action. On completion of a hands-on course you will be well qualified to start your own business.

If you decide that pet grooming is a career you would like to take up then finding a suitable school is a requirement. There are a few resources on the internet that can help with this. Pro Pet Groomer, for example, has a list of pet grooming schools set out by state which can provide details of a school near your location. Checking a local directory can also provide details of local schools. If you have a school nearby then it can be worth visiting to find out about there curriculum and prices for attending. If you do not have a school available in a convenient location then a distance learning course is the alternative to this.

Many people own pets these days and are willing to pay to have these professionally groomed. Providing grooming services can therefore be a good business to open. To do this you need to have an understanding of proper grooming techniques and pet grooming schools are the best place to learn these. There are many available and attending one will teach you the requirements for providing professional grooming services for pets.