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Pet Grooming Supplies

Pet grooming supplies consists of many professional products for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and more household animals.

If you own a pet then you have a duty of care to look after it and keep it in good shape. This can be done by exercise and feeding, but grooming a pet is also something to be considered. The coats of larger animals can get dirty, especially if they are allowed outside and grooming them helps to keep their coat in good condition. There are various pet grooming supplies available for this and these are widely available.

There are a variety of pet grooming supplies available for the care of your animal. There are a number of shampoos on the market designed specifically for pets and these are typically used to provide the coat of your pet with a thorough cleaning. There are many bottles available for less than $10, with the Boots & Barkley range costing around $3.50 for a 16 ounce bottle. However larger bottles are also available and the cost for many of these can rise to the $20 to $30 mark.

There are a number of pet grooming supplies available that are intended to keep the coat of a pet in good condition. If the coat of your pet becomes dirty and matted then de-matting and undercoat rakes can be a good tool to have available. These are generally rakes or combs with metal teeth such that they can easily be pulled through the coat to remove ground in dirt. These are generally inexpensive with many costing less than $10. The 9 blade de-matting comb from American Pet Pro, for example, costs around $5 to purchase.

If you need to trim an animals coat there are also pet grooming supplies available for this. There are a range of clippers and trimmers available which are specifically for animal use and these can be a good idea for dogs or cats with longer coats. Basic clippers can be found on the market for between $10 and $20 with the Conair Palm Pro Clippers being an example of this. These can be purchased for around $18 and include cutting guides, cleaning brush and trimmer. However more expensive clippers are also available and the cost for these can rise to $100 plus.

There are also pet grooming supplies for the everyday care of your pet’s coat. There are a number of softer brushes and combs which can be used to groom your pet. These can range from pin brushes to slickers, combs and flea combs for keeping the coat of your pet healthy. For the most part these are relatively inexpensive to purchase with many lying in the $5 to $10 range. The Classic Medium Anti-Static Slicker from American Pet Pro, for example, costs $10 to purchase and features a brush head with soft dense pins which can effectively groom a pet’s coat.

For the most part grooming supplies for pets are relatively simple to source with most local pet stores having a wide selection from which to choose. Online stores such as Pet Edge and Wgroom also have many pet grooming tools to choose from.

As the owner of a pet you are responsible for keeping it healthy. For dogs, cats and many other pets keeping their coats in good condition is part of this and pet grooming supplies will help. They are widely available and easily used and should ensure that the coat of your pet remains healthy and glowing.