Your pet bunny deserves a great rabbit cage

Rabbit Harness

A rabbit harness gives your pet bunny a safe and fun means of exercise, with plenty of leash style products widely offered.

Buying a rabbit harness is a great way to ensure that your pet gets the exercise that they need to stay healthy.  But what’s more, it will just make your rabbit happy, by giving them the ability to explore their natural environment, but in a completely safe way.  Plus, a rabbit harness is much more comfortable compared with the standard collar and leash.  Although you will need to choose the right harness, depending upon the size of your rabbit.  This is important, as you may be surprised at the different variety of types of harnesses available.

The way in which your rabbit harness is intended to work, is by fitting over the midsection of your rabbit, so that you can attach a leash in the most comfortable and humane way possible.  This way, as you take your rabbit outside where it can get much needed exercise, they will be completely comfortable.  That way you never have to worry about your pet being uncomfortable, or harmed by the leash while they are outside.  Plus there are a variety of different sizes of harnesses, so you’ll find that you can purchase one that’s perfectly sized for your pet.

This is a much better alternative to collars, because they can actually be harmful to your pet.  Not only are they uncomfortable for the rabbit to wear, they can be painful if your pet is running, and suddenly comes to the end of the leash.  Plus, your rabbit may be able to easily slip out of the collar, at which point you may lose your pet forever.  By using a rabbit harness you avoid both scenarios, and ensure that your pet is perfectly comfortable the whole time that you are outside.  Although you will still want to exercise caution when walking your rabbit anywhere.

While a rabbit harness can be a great way to get your pet some much needed exercise, you will need to be careful of other animals.  Pets like dogs, and even cats can have a natural reaction to chase, or even kill rabbits, so you have to think realistically when visiting a park or area where predators of this kind may be.  You have to be careful and mindful of your rabbit the entire time, so that you can help them avoid danger.  For this reason, you may want to purchase a small lead for your rabbit harness, so that you can ensure your pet is always right at your side.

When you’re looking to buy a rabbit harness of any kind, the best place to go is always going to be a pet store.  By visiting a store like Pet Smart for example, you can find all different types of harnesses, which would be perfect to for your pet.  In fact, you’ll even be able to bring the rabbit with you, so that you can guarantee that you find the right size.  This way, you’ll have the rabbit harness you  need to take your pet outside safely, so that they can enjoy a much happier and more active lifestyle.